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MM Tim j.d.o.o. (simple limited liability company) was founded in 2012 and includes Bio Panem bakeries.

We sell our bread and pastries made with innovative and original recipes, and we maintain and improve the way of bread making in accordance with new knowledge in the field of baking and nutrition.

Quality and innovation are achieved in collaboration of Data-bak d.o.o. (Ltd.) and local bakeries. This results in products made from locally grown ingredients, which are produced with a lot of effort so that the final product is of the highest quality and has a high nutritional and health value.

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Healthy, tasty baked goods that please the eye and the palate

Innovative products that exceed the standards and expectations of our customers 

We want to enrich the offer of the camp

Bio Panem - prodajno mjesto


3 X in Auto Camp Park
Umag, Ladin Gaj 132 a, Umag

1 X Auto Camp 'Stella Maris',
Stella Maris 9a Monterol, Umag.


In addition to the good, healthy, and high-quality products, we want to enrich the offer of the camp with a distinctive look of our facilities.

We want Bio Panem customers to remember us not only for the good and tasty products, but also for the recognizable shops. We would also like to be a part of the beautiful summer vacation of our customers in Croatia.

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About Us


+385 98 621126
+385 91 9408651
3 X in Camping Park Umag, Ladin Gaj 132a, and at 1 X in Camping “Stella Maris” Umag 9a Monterol, Umag


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