Our sales are based on the preparation of frozen products on the premises, and it is precisely this distinctive fragrance that attracts our customers. We have received a lot of praise for this, because when the customers come to our shop, they are certain that the product they are buying is fresh, warm, and has a distinctive smell of freshly baked goods.

Bio Panem kajzerica

Bread, bread rolls, sweet and savoury pastry, buns, pretzels, cereal biscuits 

Our Products

The foundation of Bio Panem’s sales are fresh, high-quality, and nutritiously rich products.

All puff pastry products filled with apple, cheese, or cherry, up to 110 g
- Strudel - apple, cheese, cherry, wild berries, 120 g
- Donuts - chocolate, jam, vanilla, 80 g,

Our bread weighs up to 300 g, there are 1 or 2 types of bread of 400/500g, pastry is 40 g; 1-2 types of pastry are approximately 100 g

-  Homemade corn bread, homemade white bread
-  Rye bread, oat bread, chia-seed bread
-  Buckwheat bread, multigrain bread with pumpkin seeds
-  Ciabatta (white flour/ corn flour)
-  Bread with sunflower seeds, potato bread
-  Baguette (white flour/ corn flour), fitberry bread (brown bread with seeds)
-  Bread with almonds, walnuts, olives. 

- Oat roll/scone, poppy seed roll, white flour Kaiser roll
- Roll/Scone with pumpkin and sunflower seeds
- Roll/Scone with sesame seeds
- Local/original Varaždin roll
- Buckwheat roll/scone
- Brown (rye) roll/scone
- Crescent roll with seeds

- Croissant, chocolate filling croissant, apricot filling croissant, vanilla filling croissant
- apple strudel, cherry strudel, cheese strudel
- chocolate muffin
- cherry-vanilla filling bar
- VEGAN apple strudel 

- Pig in a blanket (crescent dog)
- Spinach swirl, cheese swirl, or meat swirl
- Croissant with ham and cheese
- Ham and cheese twists/ Ham and cheese bar/
- Breadsticks with ham and cheese
- Fornetti, cereal biscuits
- Bavarian pretzel… 

- Biscuits made from different types of cereal (corn, spelt, rye, buckwheat, oat, chia seeds, barley…)
- Cereals undergo various processes (milling, extrusion, toasting…), which results in specific and recognizable taste, smell, and texture of our biscuits.
- The cereals we use are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids…
- The biscuit dough is made of biscuit flour, eggs, milk and other ingredients (such as salt, sugar…)
- It is possible to add chocolate, candied cranberries or strawberries, raisins, pineapple, carrot, walnuts… to the biscuit dough 

Bio Panem pano

… In addition

… we offer products for our customers who do not eat milk, eggs, white flour…

… most of our products do not contain additional E-numbers, they are low in gluten and contain cereals from organic farming

.... we also offer vegan products, cereal biscuits, jams ...

... we care about the environment and offer our customers an alternative when buying bags (plastic, paper, canvas bag).

Our best-selling products ...

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